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An educational series designed to teach you

all you need to know about the core financial

statements your company is using to summarize

important financial information about your

business. This course is designed to give you

the tools you need to think critically about

your business case and how to tell a story

with financials. Members only.

July 13th, 15th, 20th & 22nd , 2021
@ 12pm EST


2021_POPS Financial Acct_GRAPH.png
2021_POPS Financial Acct_HEADER.png

the benefits

At the end of this course you will be able to:

Have informed discussions with your peers and business partners on an array of accounting concepts,

including debits, credits, assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, expenses, income, profits, losses, margins,

and working capital

Understand and interpret the three main financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (aka

Profit & Loss), and Statement of Cash Flows

Tell a story about a company’s level of performance by analyzing figures and metrics derived from

their financial statements

Course Registration

This is a closed course for active POPS members only. A completion badge and certificate will be provided at the end of the course. You must attend all 4 sessions in full to receive this accreditation.
Heads up! If you cannot make the live sessions, a recording will be made available for special circumstances. Please reach out to in advance and we can accommodate you. Completion of all sessions and course workbooks will still be required to qualify for the certification. Members are eligible to take/start this course after the first class has begun.

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