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Get the Employee Welcome Guide Template

Plus a FREE one year membership to The People Ops Society.

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Why start from scratch? Save time and get a head start with this customizable, plug and play template.


Save yourself hours and your company thousands of dollars.

When you download this template, you'll receive a free one-year membership to The People Ops Society ($295 value), which gets you access to
career-boosting benefits like:

  • The POPS Pro Forum

  • 70+ Playbooks, Templates, and Resources

  • A free tickets to a PERKS Convention every year

  • Brainstorm sessions with other POPS professionals

  • A receipt to expense your membership every year

New benefits are added all the time. Download the template today and start building your career.

Get The Budget Template for $99 and Save Yourself Hours

Looking to expense this resource? Let us know and we'll send you a receipt.

Get The Handbook Template for $295 and Save Hours

Looking to expense this resource? Let us know and we'll send you a receipt.


Great Brands Love POPS


See a preview of the TEMPLATE:

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About The People Ops Society

POPS is a community of People Ops Professionals around the world who believe there is a better way to manage, discuss, and support the way we work.

After all, we're Human not Resources.

Want to learn more about the benefits of being a People Ops Society member? 


Why Ryan Loves POPS...

A group of people that think about People Operations in a new and different way for the next generation of modern employees.

People first approach to policy creation, and engaging in difficult conversations.

Open, welcoming community to share and receive ideas, and Human-centered methods and thinking.

Peer-led brainstorms to tackle tough subjects like equality in the workplace and support of remote workers.


Chief People Officer


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