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Gabriela McManus

SVP of People Strategy, Drizly

Hear from POPS Board Member, Gabriela McManus, on one thing she wishes she had learned before starting her career and why she's excited for The People Ops Society launch. 

What's exciting about The People Ops Society?


Julie Paris
Wellness Program Specialist
Akamai Technologies
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I've always been interested in networking and constantly searching for a better place for people in my profession to share ideas and best practices and have always had a  passion for health and wellness. Over the years developing a comprehensive wellness program at Akamai from scratch to engage our colleagues in programs that align with the 5 Pillars of Akamai wellness, I'd love to share what I've learned and learn from others.

Crystal N. McDermott, CEBS
Director of Global Benefits
Charles River Associates
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I have 20+ years’ experience in the Benefits and HR world and have an intense passion for getting employees “jazzed up” about their wellness plan and all things benefits. I am laser-focused on providing top quality benefits and high touch bespoke services to employees.

Joe Mechlinski
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I'm a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur who believes that an engaged workforce is the key to unlocking human potential. I'm driven by a deep-rooted passion for building mission-driven cultures, which is also why I founded SHIFT, a collective of businesses united by their common mission to revolutionize workforce engagement and transform the world. Check out my latest Book, Shift The Work!

Jaclyn Steele
Head of People & Culture
abacus Insights
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Gabriela McManus
 SVP of People Strategy
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I believe in creating inclusive environments where a diverse group of people can and want to do their best work, in large part by helping others accomplish their goals. Culture is strategy, and I firmly believe that we can change the level of engagement across our entire community by creating purpose-driven work environments.

Mike Ariale
Sr. Manager, People Operations
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I've seen the evolution of People Operations having worked for several years in career counseling followed by talent acquisition and now in people operations. I enjoy seeing how a high-impact culture can truly drive a business forward like at EverQuote. Our small and mighty team does so much more not only with recruiting and engaging but empowers and develops employees across the organization.  

Amy Allen
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I lead our Human Resource Consulting Practice and work directly with my clients on the people side of their business from talent acquisition and onboarding to coaching, succession planning, reward programs, organizational design and more. Having creative, innovative conversations around the people side of business is critical to my work and I look forward to sharing that with others. I have 25 years of experience in human resources with Suffolk Construction, The Boston Globe, Planned Parenthood, Staples and other large national organizations. 

Lesley Brousseau
People Professional
HR Worklab
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I'm passionate about helping organizations manage their competitive advantage, their people. I currently consult with small business start-ups on a wide variety of people matters. Previously, I practiced HR over the last 10 years in multiple states within the cannabis, alcohol, and professional services industries. 

With over 10 years’ experience as a talent leader focused on creating corporate cultures that attract, develop, and retain top talent, I understand the need to transform the way we think about People Operations. Businesses that invest time in challenging the status quo and disrupting old ways of delivering on the employee experience are winning the war on talent. I am excited to be a part of POPS who is helping to deliver a modern-day approach to building relationships across the industry to help us all be more successful together. There are very few mediums like this where we can truly connect and share!

Jessi Marcoff
SVP, People and Culture
Brand Watch
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I am a people function leader passionate about changing the way the business approaches working with us! I've neer seen myself who stays in their 'swim lane' and because of that, I've always been curious about how the business as a whole, thrives. The value that our function can bring to people business leaders can be game changing in the ways that it can streamline the employee lifecyle, really see the needs, and apply programs, processes and even fierce conversations more effectively.

Jennifer Moran, PHR, SSGB
Senior People Partner, Head of HR for Cloud AI

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What drew me to the People Ops Society is the same thing that drew me to a career in People Ops - helping people and organizations thrive. As an HR leader, coach, and business partner at Fortune 50 companies (including Google, Microsoft, and Prudential), I’ve had the privilege to develop and implement global people strategies. I’m passionate about the impact POPS has on the business and have led leaders and teams through hypergrowth, M&A activity and other major organizational initiatives. Currently, I lead HR for Google Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence organization. I’m excited to connect with the POPS Society community, learn from each other, and innovate the world of POPS today and tomorrow.

Robin Antonellis
Vice President, Human Resources
Dana Farber
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I'm dedicated to creating favorable business cultures, leading and developing talent, showcasing company missions and collaborating at all levels. It's really important to me to align impactful HR initiatives with an organizations overall strategic and business plan and driving results. I'm so excited to connect with leaders who influence organizational transformation so we can all work better together.

Kelly Coates
Director, People Operations
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I genuinely love meeting new people, building meaningful relationships and helping people wherever I can. I come from a nontraditional People Ops background that started in Fitness & Wellness Operations which organically expanded across multiple industries with one thing in common - PEOPLE! I focus on enhancing the entire employee experience,  creating inclusive workspaces, helping employees develop and grow at every level of the business, and creating an awesome office environment and fun culture. POPS is what us People People have been waiting for. This platform is a chance to connect with like-minded, high energy professionals who want to share, have each other’s backs, see each other succeed. I look forward to changing the POPS world with you all!

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